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Summer has finally arrived! We are excited to get outside and enjoy some sunshine so this month we curated a few of our favorite products for being active outdoors. From playing on the beach to running trails to lounging poolside these products have got you covered. Oh, and did we mention they are all made from re-purposed plastic? That’s right, active products for the outdoors that are actively working to protect the outdoors. Perfect.

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GoLite’s earth-friendly products merge outdoor performance and athletic functionality into a new category they call “outletics.

GoLite is a Seattle-based apparel company converting post consumer plastic bottles into earth-friendly, lightweight performance gear that is light on the path and the planet. Through their GoResponsibly program, GoLite is committed to producing apparel using the latest sustainable fibers, finishes and manufacturing processes while continually developing new solutions. In collaboration with Da.Ai, GoLite re-purposes plastic bottles into a high performance, knit fabric called ReFlex.

In addition to creating sustainable athletic wear GoLite uses their business to power environmental and charitable initiatives. Their GoAid campaign integrates humanitarian causes directly into their business model. For example, prior to providing direct to consumer goods, GoLite donated 12,000 custom made uniforms to global health workers in Uganda. Through this program they also donate all surplus fabric to independent entrepreneurs which minimizes waste and provides resources for them to create products to support their families.

Learn more about GoResponsibly


GoLite’s Rebound Collection is created with ReFlex knit performance fabric and has all the properties you are looking for in athletic gear; moisture-wicking to keep you dry and cool, flexibility and stretch for a limitless range of motion and amazingly offers 30 UPF protection to protect you against harmful UV rays. The products range from reusing 5 plastic bottles in their sports bras to 20 bottles in the joggers and leggings. GoLite offers an entire range of recycled products: sports bras, tanks, tees, shorts, hoodies, joggers, leggings (cropped and full length). We selected some of our favorites to feature but check out their website to view the entire collection.

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Karün makes high-quality eyewear that serves as a symbol of a different way of looking at the world; one in which we are all nature.

Karün means “to be nature” in the Mapuche language; ancestral indigenous culture of Chile and this is truly the heart of their mission. Karün uses their product to inspire their customers to see things differently and to reflect on the question: What would the world look like if we understood that we are all nature? This mantra guides their entire business from looking to nature to provide inspiration to using reclaimed, natural and noble materials to their collaboration and empowerment of local communities in Patagonia. And their mission extends beyond the product, every pair of glasses sold helps fund the protection of the Valley of Cochamó in Northern Patagonia by supporting 600 rural entrepreneurs and their development of sustainable practices. Furthermore, Karün works with local rural communities in South Chile to collect different types of waste. This becomes a source of income for entrepreneurs who use these funds to start their own micro-businesses.

Learn more about Karün’s commitment to love, protect and enjoy nature

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We love the entire Pacific Collection from Karün which just launched the beginning of this year. We were first drawn to the minimal, clean aesthetic of these sunglasses and the fun, playful colors but what makes this product especially unique is the material. These glasses are made from plastic waste, primarily fishing nets, collected from the ocean off the shores of Patagonia by local communities. Using a high-end technology called ECONYL, Karün is able to regenerate the nylon without losing quality or performance. The recycled frames are paired with Zeiss high quality polycarbonate lenses to transform a waste problem into a beautiful, functional product that simultaneously clean up our oceans.

These glasses check all the boxes; a well designed, high quality product with a positive social and environmental impact. So check out Ralun, Cochamo, Puelo, Reloncavi and Tagua Tagua. With so many fantastic options it’s hard to choose just one!


The Tropics

Our goal is to bring awareness to the ongoing plastic pollution problem taking place all over the world and in our very own backyard, as well as meet others with the same intentions to create a bigger impact on our earth.

The Tropics is a swimwear and apparel brand started in Miami, Florida, on a mission to combine comfort, style, sustainability. They partner with REPREVE to transform plastic waste into polyester fibers which are then used to create their product lines. Recycled plastic polyester fabric is durable and with properties like wicking and water repellency embedded in the fibers it’s a great material for active and swim wear. Beyond sourcing sustainable materials, The Tropics is committed to bettering the environment by hosting monthly beach cleanups in the Miami area. The cleanups remove waste and also raise awareness, provide inspiration and establish a community where people can connect, collaborate and make a difference. The Tropics is a member of 1% for the Planet.

Learn more about the Cleanup program

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Sporty, stylish, comfortable and sustainable, what more could you want? Made out of 92% recycled polyester these swim trunks save 11 plastic bottles from going to a landfill or ending up in our oceans. The trunks have an 8” inseam and feature a drawstring closure, handy zipper pockets on the sides, a back pocket and no mesh lining. Available in 10 different patterns.

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Hamilton Perkins

Hamilton Perkins Collection exists to create timeless limited edition bags made from recycled plastic water bottles, pineapple leaf fiber, and billboard vinyl. The result is that no two bags are ever the same.

Honored as one of B Lab’s “Best for the World Overall" B Corporations in 2017, Hamilton Perkins Collection (HPC) has been busy challenging our perspective of what constitutes a timeless, stylish and functional bag. Their limited edition Earth bags are made out of recycled plastic bottles, billboard vinyl and pineapple leaf fiber. HPC partners with Thread International to source fabric made from recycled bottles and works directly with Ad agencies to collect vinyl billboards throughout the US that would otherwise end up in landfills. Re-purposing old billboards means that no two products are alike, we love that each bag is completely original. Depending on the style, HPC bags use on average 11 to 16 plastic bottles and are lined with approximately 1 yard of up-cycled billboard vinyl.

All images courtesy of Hamilton Perkins

Earth Tote // $48

This everyday essential tote is reversible so you can decide if you want to be subtle or a little more flashy. One side is a neutral canvas created from re-purposed water bottles and the other is re-purposed vinyl from a billboard. The billboard vinyl is constantly changing so each bag is completely different, some have bold colors others contain text. You never know what you are going to get, we think that surprise is part of the charm. The design features a large pocket and a detachable wristlet for smaller, on-the-go items. And bonus, the vinyl material is water resistant which makes this bag the perfect accessory for beach trips or days on the lake - wet swimsuit, no problem.


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