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When we say #ownyourvalues we mean it both literally and figuratively .

Literally, we want you to own possessions that reflect your deeper values. Figuratively, we want you to take ownership of your beliefs and live by your values. Since we are asking you to own your values, it’s only fair we do the same.




Integrity is synonymous with sincerity and honesty. To us, integrity means thinking beyond ourselves and considering the broader impacts of our actions. We strive to act with integrity in everything we do, as does every brand we promote. Ethical production and sustainability are fundamental to the missions and causes of all our conscious brands. By responsibly sourcing materials, providing safe working conditions, and considering their environmental impacts, every company we partner with weaves integrity into the very fabric of both their products and their business philosophies.  

Personal Connection

Personal Connection to us means prioritizing and celebrating relationships, including those we form through our purchases. We started Embolden to provide a platform to celebrate and empower people. In our brand profiles we highlight the people behind the products. Their stories are incredibly important to us. By emphasizing the stories and relationships behind the brands we promote, their products become more than material goods. They create personal connections with artisans around the globe and give our possessions more value. Now, that’s a win-win.


Intention begins with being conscious of how our everyday decisions can be catalysts for change. This value represents a core belief at Embolden: Our individual actions, no matter how small, have the ability to affect positive change. We each hold more power than we realize. Through more intentional living, we have the opportunity to make an impact in both our local and global communities. We feature the impact of each company in our brand profiles so you know how one facet of your life, purchasing, is supporting different causes around the world.




These same values guide our Brand Standards. Integrity is fabricated into every product through timeless design and heirloom quality. To ensure personal connection, we look for transparency in the supply chain and production processes to verify positive and empowering relationships between the business and its employees. Lastly, intentional purchasing can create immense impact but only if the products are affordable. We look for products and brands that are accessible to a wider audience so we can all contribute to creating the world we want to live in.

Quality & Design

Our motto is choose less, choose better. That’s why we promote products that are exceptionally crafted from the best materials and often use techniques passed down through generations. Impact aside, the timeless designs make these products stand out by themselves. By selecting products that marry quality and aesthetics, we are curating heirlooms: products that have a story and will last a lifetime.


Ethical, sustainable products. We simply believe it’s the right thing to do and so do the companies we endorse. We put in a lot of effort behind the scenes so you don’t have to. We review every brand to ensure ethical production, sustainable practices, and an altruistic business philosophy. We believe transparency is an important aspect of consumerism because an informed consumer is a conscious consumer.


We strongly believe in our collective power to make a tangible difference. Every product you purchase, no matter how small, contributes to a larger purpose. It’s important to us to offer a range of products at a range of prices. Our passion is to make impact purchases the norm, not the exception, and that starts with identifying good products that do good at good price points. We’re talking all-around goodness.

It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."

Roy E. Disney

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We strive to align our character and actions with our deeper values.

We founded Embolden to simplify the connection between those who have a passion to make an impact and the businesses who are striving to do the same. We designed this platform to provide a single, comprehensive location for people to learn more about conscious consumption, discover impact companies and take an active part in creating the world we want to live in.

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It’s hard to recall the exact moment when we decided Embolden Society was it. There were a lot of moments: morning chats, lunch walk conversations, happy hours that extended way past the drink specials. The conversations grew from 5 minutes to entire lunches to weekend afternoons. That’s when we knew we had found something we were undeniably passionate about. Embolden may have started slowly, but it grew quickly. We showed up at work daily with new social-minded businesses that we had “discovered.” Excitedly, we shared with each other the amazing missions driving these companies and recognized that through conscious purchasing we could aid their causes with our support. We decided to start Embolden to create a platform to share this knowledge and bring together a community of like-minded conscious consumers, and here you are. From day one, we wanted to share our excitement with you so thank you for being here, for believing in our cause and taking the initiative to make a difference.

We are all in this together - one people, one planet, one chance.



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